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Hashgard · Future Financial Autonomous Network

Trusted Finance

Hashgard will build a “decentralized credit” system for the digital finance industry to ensure financial data is authentic by uploading the identity, asset, agreement and process of the traditional financial business.

Inclusive Finance

Blockchain technology has broken through space barriers, lowered the threshold for participating digital finance, and greatly expanded global community of users. Hashgard will create cross-border inclusive financial infrastructure.

Intermediary Finance

The distributed ledger technology based on blockchain can reduce the intermediate steps of financial services, greatly improve efficiency and reduce friction. Hashgard will become the connector of global digital finance.

Programmable Finance

With smart contract technology, distributed financial products can be deployed on blockchains in automated programming languages and cannot be changed. Hashgard will become the technology-empowered platform for global digital finance.

Hashgard · Core Ideas

Empowering Traditional Finance

Hashgard network supports token issuance agreement on the base layer of blockchain, which can help the traditional financial assets to be uploaded and confirmed, enhance the liquidity of assets, and is widely used in bonds, bills, supply chain finance, and financial derivatives.

Decentralized Transaction

Hashgard network supports atomic swap, which realizes the exchange of two or more cryptocurrencies on a point-to-point basis. Users can own and deploy their own financial service programs without putting trust in third parties, and have abosolutely control over the assets in the transaction process. Atomic swap protocol reduces the cost of trust in transactions.

Decentralized Fund

Hashgard network supports the creation and operation of decentralized funds. Fund manager issues token as a certificate of fund shares, which can be used for atomic trading on the chain. They can implement fund operation businesses such as net worth calculation, fund accounting, transaction settlement, performance review, counting and drawing of management fees and carry based on Hashgard hService protocol and a series of external management tools.

Decentralized Forward Payment

Hashgard network can provide different users with a different number of tokens at multiple times. Users can deposit their own tokens in the contract and set the address, quantity and time of the payment account. the receiving account will get a voucher when it is finished. System will automatically exchange the user’s voucher for 1:1 sight token after the expiration of the voucher. Forward payments will be widely used in different scenarios, such as investment, bonds, checks and derivatives.

Decentralized Dividends

Hashgard network provides a native box that features bonus function (BonusBox), which allows snapshots to be taken at a certain height and offer dividend proportionally to users that hold a certain tokens. This function can be used in token airdrops, shareholder dividends and current dividends, reducing greatly the cost and risk of trust.

Decentralized Lock

Hashgard network provides a decentralized lock function for the assets on the chain. Users can create current deposit boxes and set lock rules, and put lock-in bonus in the box. Participants can put their tokens into the box according to the requirements and obtain the corresponding certificates. Participants will receive principal and rewards upon expiration, thus achieving the decentralized lock-in plan. Transparent information eliminates the counterparty risk.

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