Hashgard launches its Testnet SIF-7000

By August 15, 2019 August 19th, 2019 No Comments

Hashgard new generation of digital finance public chain testnet has been strengthening its base structure and improve the performance of public chain, since its foundation on December 2018.

We launched SIF-7000 version of public chain testnet recently.

We will publish GARD exchange rate by the end of August 31 and swap all the points of SIF-7000 and of previous testnet task with GARD.

New Features of SIF-7000

Add account address forcible memo function.

Optimize the use of wallet address by financial institution. Financial institutions can set forcible memo when transferring tokens to wallet. Transfer will fail without memo. This function reduces the problem of human service caused by users forgetting filling out memo when financial institutions use single address to manage multiple users’ fund.


Build a complete blockchain deposit module. Any account on the chain can use their own hash to deposit on the chain and help others to deposit.
Cross examine and store information of other chains. Efficient storage features data and information with timestamp and query function. It can provide effective evidence for data and e-contract in the financial field.


1. Inherit the design pf SIF-6000, improve interface, introduce new test framework and repair the bugs.

2. Design the new version of wallet prototype and improve interaction and description.


1. Query of adaptation SIF-7000 functions and optimize transaction demonstration

2. Add query of payment box and deposit box.