Hashgard is a community-driven global open-source ecosystem that explores a new decentralized collaboration model with innovative distributed ledger technology, in order to form self-evolving autonomous organizations on the blockchain.

Node Economic Model

Hashgard’s main network adopts a BPOS consensus protocol, similar to Cosmos and IRISnet. Hashgard becomes an active certifier to obtain the block rewards given by the system. It can also accept the others’ token entrust and charge commissions.

Mortgage Mining Model

Users who have not built their own nodes can entrust their own tokens to the active nodes through the wallet application, so that they can obtain the corresponding mining revenue safely and conveniently.

Global Developer Community Program

Hashgard technology community is an important part of the global community. Developers can explore the principles of blockchain technology, advance technology to move forward and develop decentralized applications (Dapps), to make contributions to Hashgard ecological infrastructure and products.


You can vote on community governance and major decisions by using GARD. As an open-source and community-driven blockchain project, Hashgard advances financial reform and innovation.

Mohamad Alfan Asy'ari
Indonesian Ambassador

I am proud to be a part of Hashgard. I will tell you one of the secrets of Hashgard is that it is the best digital finance!

Chinese Ambassador

Felix, a partner of Apex Digital. He graduated from Zhengzhou University and engages in software development and management. He has always been passionate about Blockchain since 2017 when he knew Blockchain for the first time. He insists value investment and is active in various communities and has unique view in economic model and project review.

Cao Jianwei
Chinese Ambassador

Cao Jianwei has been a professional in windows and doors for over ten years. He is a member of Ripplefox, the largest community holding ripple and stellar and the captain of Sparking Fleet in Hashgard community. He has his unique view in the future trend of Blockchain technology.

Chinese Ambassador

Maple,the captain of Venus Fleet in Hashgard community. He is a project manager in software industry. Knowing Blockchain since 2016, he’s familiar with the Blockchain technology and thinks highly of its future.

Chinese Ambassador

The post-90 blockchain entrepreneur, engaged in the education industry for many years, the critical college invited lecturer, well-known self-media writer

Global Community Ambassador Program

Hashgard Global Community Ambassadors are committed to promoting Hashgard technology concepts, increasing community users and connecting collaborative resources around the world. At present, there are already many ambassadors working in Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese communities to drive the ecological development to move forward.

Hashgard Foundation

Hashgard Foundation Ltd. is a Singapore-based non-profit organization. Hashgard Community Committee is elected through voting and it manages the community fund to support the implementation of proposal.

Join our community

Technology, product, finance and operation talents are most welcome to join the rising tide of Blcokchain finance and make your unique contribution to Hashgard community.