1. Write a research and evaluation report on the blockchain project;
  2. Track the latest developments and events in the industry and conduct in-depth analysis.


  1. Have education or background in finance, computer and consulting industry, and write research reports independently;
  2. Have a strong interest in blockchain and digital currency and have research and thoughts;
  3. Have prior experience in the research report of the blockchain project and the writing of the white paper;
  4. The blockchain industry pays attention to or studies for half a year or more;
  5. Have a good English reading ability is preferred.
  1. Have a programming background, familiar with the underlying development technology of blockchain, can guide programmers to develop blockchain related applications (such as wallets, or browsers) or use DPC to develop DAPPs;
  2. Representing the Hashgard community in technical exchanges with other blockchain ecosystems and projects, such as the Cosmos Ecology;
  3. Have the developer’s corresponding network resources to be able to form and serve a global developer team;
  4. Understand the blockchain decentralization application (DAPP), which enables technical evaluation of the applications completed by developers;
  5. Requires fluency in both Chinese and English. If you can master other languages better, you can be skilled in technical communication with programmers all over the world.


  1. Access to cutting-edge blockchain technology;
  2. Have the opportunity to be nominated to enter the critical core developer sequence;
  3. Competitive salary levels and token incentives.

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